New Year's Demo

by Beautiful Ground

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released February 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Beautiful Ground Hartford, Connecticut

Singer-songwriter James M., aka Beautiful Ground, is based in Hartford, Connecticut.

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Track Name: New Year's Plea (demo)
Got a dead tooth
A mound of debt too
Got addicted to
Playing keep away
With my beliefs in May
Maybe in June

Got a bum leg (I know)
Gotta bum cigs (I know)
Kinda bummed I missed
All those cornerstones
Lined up like quarter notes

Though I can hold my own
Down at the river's edge
Was it that important I show
I'm a living legend

Got a bad ear
Since I been back here
Drowning out my tears
Only drunken ones
Know where I'm coming from
Then gimme a year

Got some thick skin
And I think I could fix this
If you showed me how you know right now
That you've never been happier
You can throw me out but show me how
You know you've never been happier

How've you never been happier
Have I ever been happier
Have I never been happy or
Have I ever been happy
Track Name: Don't Mean Nothing (demo)
Lost and alone
In the place I call home
I been trying so hard for you

You could call this an ode
To a girl I've never known
I been trying so hard for you

But it don't mean nothing now

So she wants to go to parties, does she
Then I refuse to change
When something's wrong in the background of my brain

Kicked like a stone
From the day I was born
I been trying so hard for you

But it don't mean nothing now
Track Name: Silver Rings (demo)
From the summit comes
A vision of great size
To rule the fool, the shrewd
The little babe alike

The story told unfolds
In modern time

I've gleaned the pleasure in not questioning
The sweet, unfettered wait for better things
Saving your silver rings
What hope brings

Some expunge the brunt
Of horror from their lives
Others go alone
Exploring their insides

I've dreamed the reverie of the infidels
Sleek and steady as a carousel
Drunk at the wishing well
There's something here
That they don't care to know

It ain't your bad news to break, kid
If you've got the blues, you fake it
That's your role
Wrote long ago
So long ago

I took you in
I never wanted it to end
Or was I hoping, when I was awoken
That you'd lead me by the hand
And now the sun is coming back
And I don't know where I'm at again

I've peeled the layers of my public self
Revealed my maker for this show and tell
Oh, if you knew me well
You'd know there's something here
That you don't want to know
Track Name: NY Reservations (demo)
Right at home
Lounging on the couch again
The Twilight Zone on in the background
Man, talk about a perfect backdrop
To this crackpot plan
Nonetheless, you bet I'm glad
You made it back, my friend

It's been a while
But don't it feel like only yesterday
We were hiding under bed sheets
Coordinating heartbeats
Till the mourning came and chased you
Far away from me
I cut these eyeholes out
Yeah, yeah, so I can see

As I trace your hip with a sober gaze
Like drawing figure 8s on a frozen lake
I'm going insane trying to commit you
To a holy place
When I know it's in vain
Watch the snowfall erase you

Out of sight, out of mind
It appears we're out of time
Would it be too out of line
If I pleaded while I cried
'Stay a while, it ain't a crime,' besides
Hey, we play our cards right

Maybe you could dodge
Another restless nightmare
Of the chapter book
Where the lines you read on second glance
Were backwards
Should you skip ahead to find what happens
On the last page
Could you begin again
Or am I imagining you mentioned

That the groundsman at the mansion
Had your father's eyes
And that the vengeful sisters whistled
From the mirror's side
After the girl you trusted conjured them
And ran to hide

Were you prepared to face it then
Or are you scared you may have been

And not by any other idol
But by the vacuum that remains
In the arid space
Where once a mother's love resided
I was always good with faces
But I'm pretty bad with

What's in a name
If your memory ain't ignited
By the gibberish the ancients picked
To chisel on their gravestones
With a pithy phrase
As if one ever could define you

I think it's safe to say
'We'll meet again'
Looks great engraved on fading monuments
But let's not pretend it carries any weight