Be Well!

by Beautiful Ground

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My first EP, recorded in high school.


released March 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Beautiful Ground Hartford, Connecticut

Singer-songwriter James M., aka Beautiful Ground, is based in Hartford, Connecticut.

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Track Name: Someday
Someday, you and I will get married
We'll build a house down by the shore
All the people will be dancing in the garden
Instead of at war

And I'll be thinking only then of you
Not because you asked me to
The picture with the strawberry-tree fruits setting the view

A copper is a rebel is a hooker is a starlet
Come one, come all, we'll have a ball - it's all for you, my darling
Communism, shmommunism, we'll wear the garland due

One day, you and I will be happy
With a great big bustling family
No more tigers setting fires in the washroom
Down by the sea
Track Name: Let Me Take You Home
I've been pouring medicine
Out the bottles in my apartment
Lie still, little metal pill
Friend who makes me kill my relationships

The pretty lady talked to me
'Here, this will help you to see through the wool you wear'
So, she took my hand and, in my eyes
She looked and she sighed, 'Two to kill your cares'

The lights are dimming softly
Maybe half a coffee now
The white-coat politicians
Only want to bring you down

Living in the psych wing
It's the damnedest thing if your head's on straight
Doctor, why'd you have to shock her?
Did you even try to talk her into coming home from midnight hate?

The lights are dimming softly
Maybe half a coffee now
The white-coat politicians
Only want to bring you down

Hey, but if you want to make me happy
You could let me take you home
The night is beckoning, so
Why don't you call me on the phone?
Track Name: The Western Winds
Tell your boyfriend he's a lying cheat
And tell your mother I'm someone she should meet
Tell all your friends that I'll be here all week

Because it's nice outside
The skies are wide
So quit your crying

I'm a lover of the western winds
Blow my hair out till it splits its ends
I don't care much about the state that I am in

Because it's nice outside
The sun is shining
So come and sit beside
Track Name: Big Mistake
What the hell do you think you're doing
Coming here tonight?
I'm in love with you after all this time

So pardon me if I seem anxious
But nothing's changed in my mind
And when you grin I'm lost again
Back when you were mine

But I'll be fine

You guess there's nothing more to talk about?
Man, I don't want to hear it
But it's good you're fitting in
With all those played-up kids

Unearthed a photo of us laughing
From the days before the fall
I'd yet to see what turned out to be
The greatest of them all

I guess I've made a big mistake